Designed to support you in growing your emotional awareness and understanding, so you can communicate your feelings clearly, set informed boundaries and build your self awareness.

Let's be honest for just one minute...

How many of these have happened to you?

You struggle to put in to words how you actually feel and when you try it makes you feel all sorts of awkward - am I right?!

You want to respect yourself and your feelings but the idea of setting boundaries has you running for the hills - You wonder how everyone else seems to manage it so easily.

You're tired of try a million different ways to get to "know" yourself only to come up against a brick wall with your feelings. (Been there, got the mug!) - It's time to work on that wall!

Wouldn't it be so freeing to never second guess your feelings again and what catapulted you into this latest spiral? - Welcome to freedom because that's exactly what we're going to do.

How would life change if this was your reality?

What would life be like if you never had to second guess your feelings & were confident in what they were telling you?

Imagine if… you had a concrete, easy-to-follow framework to take you from under confident in communicating how you're feeling to assertively sharing what you need to when you need to? 

Close your eyes and imagine your life if you could FINALLY create and communicate your boundaries because you were sure of how how you felt. Now open your eyes—because it’s your new reality.

Grow your emotional awareness & communicate your feelings clearly

What you get inside Feelings & Freedom

  • A quiz to understand where your emotional intelligence is sitting right now.

  • Printable 'Feeling Wheels' to begin growing your emotional awareness.

  • A easy to follow workbook to guide you through expanding your emotional vocabulary, appreciating subtle differences between feelings and being able to interpret physical sensations with feelings.

  • A 'physical sensations' word bank so you can start bridging between feelings and physical manifestations. This makes identifying feelings easier and in turn changing your reactions and behaviours if you want to.

  • BONUS MASTERCLASS - How your feelings affect your mindset

  • BONUS LESSON - Reparenting and emotional regulation

  • BONUS RESOURCE - Journal prompts and techniques

This resource will guide you through expanding your emotional vocabulary, appreciating subtle differences between feelings and being able to interpret physical sensations with feelings.

Building our emotional literacy or as it is sometimes called emotional intelligence can benefit our self awareness, our communication, creating boundaries and our mindset as a whole.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Start here...

    • Welcome!

    • Read this before starting the quiz...

    • Where is your emotional intelligence sitting right now?

    • How did you get on?

  • 2

    Your resources

    • Your Feelings Wheels

    • Your workbook

  • 3

    What next...

    • Retake the quiz: How have things changed for you?

    • Your next steps

  • 4


    • BONUS LESSON - Reparenting and emotional regulation

    • BONUS MASTERCLASS: How your Feelings Affect your Mindset

    • BONUS RESOURCE: Journal Prompts & Techniques

Embrace your feelings, explore them and learn to understand them


(cos who doesn't love somethin' extra?!)

  • Bonus lesson on 'Reparenting & Emotional Regulation'

    Reparenting is about closing the gaps in you skillsets, understanding and knowledge that you perhaps did not get in your childhood. It is about being there for yourself, supporting yourself and nurturing yourself. Emotional regulation is a big piece of the reparenting puzzle and this lesson will explain why.

  • Masterclass on 'How Feelings Affect your Mindset and Vice-versa'

    This masterclass goes through how our mindset can be affected by our changing feelings and emotions and what we can do to regulate that process and use it to our advantage.

  • An additional free gift

    When you purchase Feelings & Freedom you will get an extra gift from me straight to your email inbox to support your mindset practice and self awareness journey.

Hey! I'm Colleen...

Neuroscience BSc

Colleen Moore

Colleen is a Behavioural Change Coach who supports mums calm daily anxiety, heal heartache and build unshakeable confidence using a unique combination of subconscious work and personalised strategy.


  • What happens after I purchase?

    You’ll be emailed access to your online dashboard. This blinder of a resource includes a quiz to know where you're sitting with your emotional intelligence right now, printable 'feelings wheels', a workbook and a 'physical sensations' word bank so you can take your emotional awareness to the next level.

  • Will I get 1:1 access to the expert?

    Feelings & Freedom is a self-study resource. You will not have 1:1 access to Colleen in this course. However! Please come hang out on Instagram or in The Strong Mum's Club Facebook Group as Colleen regularly hosts live trainings + Q&As

  • How long do I have access to the program?

    You will have access to the course for as long as it exists. There are no plans for it to expire—if that changes, you’ll have 6 months’ notice beforehand.

  • Is this offer just for women?

    No, while I primarily work with women, the exercises within this resource are designed to help anyone!

  • How much does Feelings & Freedom cost?

    You get access for just £19.99 – and you get access to the course modules + content updates forever!

Hey... If you've got this far then maybe you're still not sure if this is the right resource for you?

I get it, your energy is precious and your free time even more of a rare commodity. This resource is designed to support you now but also going forward. It will help you develop skills that will benefit your relationships, your communication, and most importantly the relationship you have with yourself. It's incredible value for both your hard earned money and your time... I promise!